CPAP Machine 101

Do you have a CPAP Machine but aren’t sure how to clean it properly? Don’t fret, Eddie the Yeti is here to help! Regularly cleaning your CPAP machine, mask and supplies is essential to stop the spread of bacteria. Excessive dirt and oil accumulation may affect your mask’s seal quality and it could shorten the products life span. In addition to regular daily cleaning, it is recommended to replace masks every three to six months.

There are organisms that can grow in a warm, humid environment like your mask or tubing including fungus, yeast, and mold. This may lead to irritation of the airways and lungs, contributing to cough or possibly even an infection like bronchitis, pneumonia, or inflammation of the lungs called pneumonitis. The air pressure may blow these organisms directly into your lungs. Keep reading to see how you can mitigate this risk by cleaning your equipment. 


Every Morning: Wipe your mask with a clean damp cloth. This will help protect the surface of the mask from natural oils.

Weekly: Remove mask from headgear and remove the hose and humidifier pot from your CPAP machine. Fill a small sink, tub, or basin with warm water. Add a small amount of gentle dish soap. Submerge the mask, tubing, and humidifier in the warm soapy water. Allow it to soak for a short period of time (about 10-15 minutes). Alternatively, wipe out the mask with a soft cloth and warm water, and swish soapy water through the tubing. Allow everything to air dry on a towel. Hanging your hose will allow for faster drying. If water remains in your hose, simply attach to CPAP Machine and turn it on to force remaining water out.

Remember to ONLY put distilled water in the humidifier. If you do not, there is an increased risk of illness as well as the probability of hard minerals building up on your equipment. Cleaning your CPAP equipment properly is important to prevent the growth of bacteria, and will help you extend the life of your equipment.

Cleaning Instructions

How to clean your DreamStation CPAP Machine with Humidifier:


How to clean your AirSense S10 CPAP Machine:


If you’re looking for some cleaning supplies to make your routine a little easier you can check them out on my site. Happy cleaning!

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