• Best CPAP Memes

    Now you humans may think that yetis aren't in the know about meme culture, but let me tell you I keep up-to-date with the meme du jour. So I thought, why not round up my favorite memes for my sleepy yetis enjoyment? Sleep apnea is a serious condition, but that doesn't mean we have to be glum abou... View Post
  • Sleep Tests Demystified

    If you've been following my yeti lifestyle at all, you've seen the benefits CPAP has had on my quality of life. Maybe some sleep apnea symptoms sound familiar and you're curious if this disorder is impacting your life as well? To be diagnosed with sleep apnea requires taking a sleep test. The process may sound a little overwhelming at first, so that's why I thought I'd clarify the process a bit! View Post
  • Detective Eddie: Sleep Apnea Myth Busters

    "It's Yetimentary, my dear Watson!"

    As a side note, I was shocked to learn this phrase never appeared in the official Sherlock Holmes series, so I must assume you humans copied the yeti version, which I must admit is far superior anyways. 

    Anyways my dearest whoeveryouares, we have a mystery to solve – sleep apnea! Although us in-the-know yetis are well aware of sleep apnea's wayward effects, as old Sherlock did say,“Education never ends, Watson. It is a series of lessons with the greatest for the last.” 

    So let's sort the red herrings from the true clues....

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