Yeti on Vacation: Flying with CPAP

It’s a popular misconception that Yetis only enjoy colder, mountainous climates. I for one have enjoyed lovely vacations at tourist hotspots world-wide! During my last vacation, a man even asked for a picture beside my footprint!


Yeti Footprint


As the summer months approach, and the family reunions, lakeside getaways, and yeti beach volleyball leagues get underway, you may wonder – can I travel with my CPAP?

The answer is yes, yes, yes!

I recommend continuing your CPAP therapy wherever adventure may take you, as your symptoms will return when you stop using your machine. Sleep disturbances aren’t exactly my idea of a vacation, so, without further ado, here are my tips for lugging that CPAP along:

Do Your Research

A little research can go a long way in ensuring you avoid any travel mishaps.

  • If you’re flying, check out your airline’s CPAP policy for any special instructions, especially if you plan to use your CPAP in-flight. There may be restrictions on acceptable CPAP models.
  • The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) also offers CPAP travel guidelines, and in general is a great resource for the jetsetter yeti.
  • Pack with Care
  • As per CATSA guidelines, CPAP devices are accepted as both carry on and checked baggage. I recommend taking your CPAP as a carry-on, thus avoiding machine damage or lost sleep caused by a missing luggage fiasco!
  • Ensure your CPAP is properly labelled. Consider acquiring a medical equipment luggage tag, or at least ensure the case indicates that it is a medical device meeting safety regulations.
  • Empty out and dry your humidifier chamber to prevent spills.
  • Bring extra mask cushions, as even the most intuitive yeti never knows when they might fail.

Your CPAP will be x-rayed at security, so if you’re worried about airport germs, place your CPAP in a clear plastic bag to act as a barrier from the screening bin.

Bring your Prescription

Tucking your prescription along with your CPAP supplies is beneficial if any hiccups come up on your journey. For instance, your prescription is helpful in the following scenarios:

  • In case your machine breaks down or you need additional supplies and need to seek out a CPAP provider at your destination.
  • In the event airport security requires additional confirmation for your medical device.

Consider a Battery Pack

If you’re an avid camper, or worried about power availability, battery packs are an option for portable machines. Here at Sleep Yeti, we offer a battery for the DreamStation Go.

Travel Specific Machines are Worthwhile for Frequent Travelers

If you’ve been wracking up the frequent flyer points or decide to embark on a cross-country road trip, a travel machine may be a worthwhile investment. These machines are designed to be as lightweight and compact as possible, making them easier to transport. If this option interests you, you can check out the travel machines in our shop.

Hope these tidbits put your minds at ease, sleepy yetis!