Playing the Didgeridoo to Help Sleep Apnea

Hi, I’m Eddie the Yeti and I’ve had sleep apnea for some time now. I use a CPAP machine but was looking for something else to help improve my breathing. After a quick Google search I came across something interesting. “Didgeridoo for Sleep Apnea” ... Yes, you read that right. Playing a didgeridoo can help with sleep apnea!

A didgeridoo is a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians that is sometimes described as a natural wooden trumpet or “drone pipe”. After reading more on the topic, I discovered that playing the didgeridoo can help to improve breathing techniques and therefore, improve sleep quality. I’m normally a pretty skeptical guy but I’ll do anything to have a better night’s sleep.

Now let’s get into the evidence behind this didgeridoo claim. The University of Zurich (I’m a University of Toronto guy myself) conducted a study where participants took lessons on how to play the didgeridoo and practiced their skills almost every day for four months. The participants were given three lessons:

  1. Learn the lip technique to produce and hold the keynote for 20-30 seconds.
  2. Learn the concept of circular breathing. Circular breathing is a technique that enables the wind instrumentalist to maintain a sound for long periods of time by inhaling through the nose while maintaining airflow through the instrument, using the cheeks as bellows.
  3. Learn how to optimize the complex interaction between the lips, the vocal tract and circular breathing so that the vibrations in the upper airway are more readily transmitted to the lower airways.

Now I don’t about you, but that seems like a lot of work and I’m still curious about the benefits.The results of the study showed that the group who practiced the didgeridoo had a lower level of daytime sleepiness, whereas the control group stayed the same or got worse. Now where can I get a didgeridoo? After another quick Google search (how did we survive without internet back in the day?), I found that there are many places to get a didgeridoo including Didge for Sleep. To learn more about Didge for Sleep and to find out how to get your own didgeridoo check out the video below:

Sleep well - Sleep Yeti

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Source: AJ Block